“I have never been to Prague” : Michael Cohen | dishashroff


Did President Donald Trump‘s special counsel, Michael Cohen, meet with Russian officials in Prague in August 2016? Probably not, but the way Cohen tried to clear himself on Twitter was so ridiculous that it turned into a meme : “i have never been to prague”

“I have never been to Prague in my life,” he tweeted, with a photo of the front of his passport. People found it bizarre that he would show a photo that proves nothing—the stamps are on the inside, bro—and immediately began mocking him.

On Tuesday night, BuzzFeed news published a 35-page dossier allegedly assembled by a former British spy. Among the allegations contained in the document is a claim that Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, met secretly with Kremlin officials in Prague in August 2016 – a claim that Cohen vehemently denies.

Of course, all Cohen’s tweet does is prove that he has a passport. It might not even be his passport, but he definitely has one. Or at the very least knows how to use Google Images. Inspired by Cohen’s, um, transparency, people are now tweeting their own proof that they also have never been to Prague in their lives. And by proof, I mean just about any arbitrary image.

One of the salacious details in the intelligence dossier published by BuzzFeed about Donald Trump was that his special counsel, Michael Cohen, met with Russian officials in Prague in August 2016.

It appears to have been a false claim, but Cohen’s first public statement denying it was … less than definitive.

The implication, perhaps, was that he could open up his passport and show you there were no stamps from Czechia. But just tweeting a picture of the cover of your passport and saying you’ve never been somewhere is about as overwhelmingly convincing as sharing a photo of the International Space Station and saying “I live here.”

Naturally, Twitter ran with the conceit.Here is guessing at least some of those folks have been to Prague. Whether they met with Russian intel is another story—albeit one that’s not as funny as what’s taking place on Twitter right now.



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