White guy blinking | dishashroff


When Drew Scanlon, of the video game site Giant Bomb, reacted on video to one of his friends making a dumb joke, he had no idea he was launching the blink heard ‘round the world. The video is from 2013, but in February 2017, a couple seconds of Drew’s bemused blinking has turned into one of the most popular reaction GIFs on Twitter called “white guy blinking”.

The meme’d man’s name is Drew Scanlon and the clip was taken from a 2013 YouTube video. Basically, he heard something that obviously didn’t sit well, and couldn’t help but express his confusion/disbelief/annoyance/etc (literally us and every other petty human on this planet). The clip of his funny AF facial expressions and rapid blinking was turned into a GIF, and even though it’s now old news, the Internet just recently made it blow up.

It’s now spreading like wildfire on Twitter, where people have found all kinds of diverse uses for it. Many of them have to do with the management (or mismanagement) of personal finances.

Don’t know how to respond to a confusing text? Send this GIF. Can’t figure out the best way to dumb your bae? Now you know! Basically, this meme is all you need to react to literally ANYTHING that happens in your life.

But really, it’s universally applicable to anything that surprises you, even if it shouldn’t.

This is a double joke because it’s not much of a pop quiz: Most people are calling the one with the blinking white guy “White Guy Blinking.” You could call it “the Drew GIF,” but nobody outside of the Giant Bomb community would know what you were talking about.

The interesting thing about this meme’s positioning on the viral internet is that it’s completely mainstream and Twitter-based. Unlike a lot of memes that start on Twitter (especially in the Black Twittersphere) and end up co-opted by Reddit and 9gag, “Dank meme” subreddits and meme economy investors don’t seem interested in this one at all.

If you need to express surprise, confusion, or bewilderment at something, Drew’s your guy—your blinking white guy.


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